Now there’s a dilemma, or is there? Your average Metal football fan could be forgiven for thinking a choice had to be made this summer:- Was it to be the annual European Festival jaunt, or stay

at home so as not to miss Euro 2012?

After all surely this is the year that England will finally jettison the monkey they’ve been carrying around for nearly half a century, and finally win a serious competition. Or will it be a romantic romp down memory lane for the Irish, who, whilst qualifying for a major tournament for the first time in ten years, invariably make a better fist of it when they do, than the home nation.

Well the truth is that not a kick needs to be missed, during the group stages. The organisers of Hellfest, huge footy fans themselves, have informed us that all the matches taking place during the festival will be screened live on the campsite.

An admiral gesture don’t you think, and surely nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that their National team remains unbeaten in nearly two years with their last game resulting in a defeat of the highly fancied Germans in their own back yard.

France of course are in England’s Group, but happily will already have taken us apart before we leave for the Continent, hopefully allowing time for their euphoria to diminish somewhat before we arrive!!

Group C
14th June Italy v Croatia (17.00hrs)
14th June Spain v Ireland (19.45hrs)
Group D
15th June Ukraine v France (17.00hrs)
15th June England v Sweden (19.45hrs)