Argon Events have created this privacy policy to demonstrate our firm commitment to protecting your personal information and informing you of how we handle that information. This privacy policy only applies to transactions made, and data gathered, on the Argon Events website.


Web sites use cookies, which are small data structures used by a web site (server) to deliver data to a web client (user), to simulate a continuous connection to that site. This makes it more convenient for users by allowing them to visit pages within a site without having to reintroduce themselves with each mouse click.

Contrary to popular fears and misconceptions, cookies were not created to spy on or otherwise invade the privacy of Internet users.

Cookies contain only information that users volunteer, and they do not have the capability of infiltrating a user’s hard drive and sneaking away with personal information.

The simple function of a cookie is that of helping the user navigate a web site with as little obstruction as possible.

Cookies can be deleted from your hard drive if you wish. As Argon Events do not use passwords for access etc the cookies automatically sent to your site perform only the functions as described above.

Information we collect from you

The information we collect from you is the information we require to process your booking for one of our events.

This will normally include; name, address, post code, contact telephone number and/or email address, and financial information such as your credit/debit card number and expiry date.

We require this information in order to process your payment and add your details to our client database in order that we are able to contact you about your purchase.

For example we have to confirm your booking and send travel details and in some cases tickets to you.

We may have to contact you urgently if there is a an event cancellation or departure time change etc.

The only information we collect therefore, is that which is required to fulfil our obligations to you the customer and as a client inform you of future events that may be of interest to you (there is an opt out option in the case of the latter).

What we do with the information we collect from you

As described above, the information we collect from you is used only to process your booking and send you information on future events.

We do not share any of your personal information with third parties other than those involved in the delivering of the product to you.

For example coach companies, rail and ferry companies require your name and in some circumstances your telephone number by law for their passenger manifests, as do hotels for their rooming lists.

All such agencies are bound by the same rules as ourselves i.e., to store and use data only for legitimate business use and in accordance with applicable data protection legislation such as the Data Protection Act 1998.


The personal information we collect is extracted from the order form you fill in on our website. Our order form is administered by Secure Hosting Ltd ( They use industry standard internet encryption with 128 bit SSl software.

They hold a digital certificate from Thawte (an established certification authority). Once a client enters the order form, encryption is automatically engaged.

A dedicated firewall (running on Windows firewall software and recognised by the major banks) is installed to control access to the secure server which is isolated from all other networked machines.

All data (credit card numbers) once stored on the server is encrypted again. Therefore all client information is kept confidential at all times and seen by no one other than the authorised user which is of course Argon Events.


By disclosing your personal information to us using this website or over the telephone, you consent to the collection, storage and processing of your personal information by Argon Events in the manner set out in this privacy policy.

Some information and emails sent to Argon Events may be used as testimonials but no e-mail address or contact details will be displayed.

If you have any questions about the contents of the above, please do not hesitate to contact us either by telephone (01942 896868) or e-mail.