All bookings are subject to these terms and conditions which are to be construed in accordance with English Law.


a) When making a booking, the full amount of the holiday is payable plus all applicable insurance premiums (if required)

b) Deposits. Argon Events will accept a deposit of £50.00 per person on all holidays. Deposits are accepted by Argon Events on the strict acceptance by the customer that the deposit is non refundable. Final balances are to be received by Argon Events on or before the date stipulated for each holiday, unless otherwise agreed at the time of placing the deposit (please check individual Events, as staggered payment plans are in place on several Festivals).

c) Where the value of the deposit is less than the value of the Event Ticket, Argon Events may require that an amount equal to the value of the Event Ticket is paid in advance of the final balance date. Payments made up to the value of the Event Ticket are non refundable.

d) It shall be the responsibility of the customer to forward the balance within the time allowed. If the balance price of the holiday (or any intermediate payment as described in clause 2c) is not received by Argon Events within the time allowed, Argon Events reserve the right to treat your booking as cancelled by you and apply the cancellation charges as set out in clause 2 above and 3 below. Argon Events or their agents will not accept deposits within 8 weeks prior to departure, except in situations as described in clause 2c below.

d) For Tours that only become available at or within 8 weeks of departure, deposits may be acceptable at the discretion of Argon Events and details of when the balance of payment is due will be given at the time of booking.

e) If you book a holiday through one of our Booking Agents, all monies paid to that Agent for that holiday will be held by him on your behalf until we dispatch our confirmation to you and a contract between us comes into existence. Thereafter the Agent holds the monies on our behalf.


a) Cancellations by the customer. Customers may cancel event bookings by giving notice in writing to Argon Events. When notice of cancellation is given to Argon Events more than 8 weeks before the event date, Argon Events shall be entitled to retain 25% of the value of the booking. When notice of cancellation is given less than 8 weeks before the event date, Argon Events shall be entitled to retain the whole of the value of the booking. However, should Argon Events be able to resell the booking, then up to 75% of the booking value shall be refunded to the customer. NOTE:- Ticket Only purchases are non refundable.

b) Cancellation by Argon Events. Argon Events shall use to its best endeavors to obtain for the customer a refund of any sums paid or payable to a third party by Argon Events in respect of the booking, other than the £5.00 charge made for the booking.

c) Argon Events reserve the right to cancel any Tour on which there are insufficient bookings made to justify its departure. In the unlikely event of this happening, you will be advised at least 7 days prior to departure and will be entitled to a full refund of all monies paid.


Argon Events have the right to increase the prices in force at any time up to 14 days before the event date. In the event of such changed prices, the customer shall be entitled to cancel his booking by giving written notice to Argon Events within 7 days of the price change. In such an event, the customer shall be entitled to a full refund of monies paid.

In the event of the non appearance of an artist or the cancellation of an event, the liability of Argon Events shall be limited to its obligations under Clause 3b above and Argon Events cannot be held responsible for any inconvenience or monetary or other loss.


Where an event involves travel by airlines, ship, rail or coach, the conditions of carriage of the operators of the airline, shipping company, railway company or coach operator will apply to the customer. Where Argon Events make arrangements with third parties for carriage by air, road sea or rail, accommodation, transportation, restaurants or otherwise, they do so only as the agent of the customer and on the express condition that no liability of any kind shall attach to Argon Events in connection with or arising out of such arrangements.


Argon Events accept liability for injury, loss or damage caused by the negligence of its employees. Argon Events can accept no liability whatsoever arising from any actual default of any independent organisations or of their employees or agents, who may be involved in providing services included in the event arrangements.


Argon Events can accept no responsibility for any disruption before or during an event arising out of matters of which Argon Events have no control, for example, war or threat of war, riots, fire, flood, industrial disputes or government action.


Argon Events urge all customers to carry adequate travel insurance. We offer a comprehensive holiday insurance package for your convenience, or you can arrange your own. It is recommended that if placing a deposit on your holiday , you should take out insurance at the time of placing your deposit.


We expect all our clients to have consideration for their fellow passengers. In the event of any client behaving in such a way as is likely in our opinion or the opinion of any person in authority, to cause offence, damage, danger or distress to others, we reserve the right to terminate that person’s holiday arrangements. In this event, our responsibility for their holiday will thereupon immediately cease and we will not be liable for any costs or expenses incurred by them as a result.


It is your responsibility to ensure that you and those for whom you are booking are in possession of valid passports and any appropriate visas. Be sure to check passport and visa requirements with the consulate of countries you will be travelling through well in advance, particularly if you are a non British passport holder. You are responsible for any charges, fines etc that may be levied by authorities in the U K or overseas for non compliance with regulations in the area and any such amounts will be recharged to you.

12) Where holidays include Event tickets, customers are bound by the terms and conditions of the Event Organisers. Any such applicable terms and conditions will be displayed on the Event Ticket, or on the specific wishes of an individual Event Organiser, at the end of these terms and conditions.

In accepting the terms and conditions of Argon Events, it is deemed that you are also accepting the terms and conditions of the Event Organiser.

General terms of business for the Wacken Open Air Festival

1. Organiser

ICS Festival Service GmbH, Schenefelder Strasse 17, D-25596, Tel: +49 (0) 4827 – 999 66 0, Fax: +49 (0) 4827 – 999 66 980 email:

Managing Director: Thomas Jensen – Commercial Register: Schleswig Local Court – HRB 11116FL

2. Validity of these general terms of business

2.1. The Wacken Open Air Festival shall take place on the marked Festival site within the District of Steinburg in the State of Schleswig-Holstein.  The Festival site shall comprise all areas to which access is only granted with a valid Festival ticket, in particular the event area within Wacken village, hereinafter known as the Infield (site in front of the main and other stages), Wacken Village, Wacken Center & Wacken Plaza”, campsite and parking zones (“Festival site”).  These general terms of business shall apply throughout the Festival site.

2.2. These general terms of business shall apply between purchaser of admission tickets (“Visitors”) and the organiser, ICS Festival Service GmbH (“Organiser”).  By purchasing an entry ticket the Visitor shall enter into a contract with the Organiser for the event, and shall acquire the visiting rights to the event.

2.3 Every Visitor shall accept the rights and duties set out in these general terms of business and the car park and campsite rules.

2.4 No purchaser may buy more than five entry tickets.  X-Mas entry tickets shall be limited to two per purchaser.

3. Ban on reselling; contract penalty

3.1 The Organiser shall generally grant consent for transferring the event visiting rights to a third person except in the following circumstances:

3.1.1 The third party is banned from the site

3.1.2 The visiting rights are transferred at a higher price than the standard entry ticket price, or the transfer takes the form of a business or commercial resale

3.1.3 The sale is carried out by unauthorised third parties, in particular internet service providers, by unauthorised third parties, or by owners of unauthorised marketplaces and ticket resale agencies on the internet (for example eBay)

3.1.4 If the sale is made for publicity purposes as part of an unauthorised travel package, bonus or competition prize.

3.2. Any visitor who resells entry tickets in breach of the above requirements shall be liable to pay the Organiser a reasonable contract penalty in the sum of EUR 2,500 per entry ticket or visiting right offered in breach of the contract.  In the event of breach of the above conditions, the Organiser shall be entitled to invalidate the entry tickets or visiting rights in question.

5. Arrival, parking and camping

5.1. A valid entry ticket shall also entitle the holder to park and camp on the market zones of the Festival site from midnight on 30 July 2018 at no extra charge. The Road traffic Act shall apply throughout the Festival site.

5.2. Generators with a rating of up to 2 KW shall be permitted on the Festival campsite as long as they are in perfect condition and in particular are not leaking oil or fuel. They may be run until midnight. A maximum of 5 litres of fuel per vehicle may be carried in additional tanks.

5.3. The Organiser shall provide extensive information about arrival, the start of the camping period, possible forms of ID, etc. in the Festival ABS which is available on the internet at The car park and campsite rules must be obeyed at all times.

6. Entry and entry checkpoint

6.1. Access to the Festival site shall only be possible with a valid entry ticket or an undamaged Festival wristband. The ticket must be shown for initial entry and may then be exchanged for a wristband on the Festival site. Visitors who leave the Festival site shall only be granted re-entry if they are wearing a closed, undamaged Festival wristband. Wristbands which have been opened or damaged will be invalid.

6.2. On access to the Festival site a security check may be carried out by a security service on the site. This security service is under instruction to conduct a body and pocket search of Visitors, particularly when they attempt to gain access to all tents and stages as well as the Wacken Plaza & Wacken Center. Visitors hereby grant their consent for this.

6.3. The Organiser reserves the right to refuse a Visitor access to the Festival site for good reasons, in particular, but not exclusively, if carrying the prohibited items described in No. 7, if the Visitor is obviously highly alcoholically intoxicated, if the Visitor is obviously under the influence of drugs or has an obvious homophobic, sexist, racist or misanthropic attitude. Access shall also be refused if a Visitor breaches regulations for the protection of young people. If access is refused due to one of the above good reasons, the entry ticket or Festival wristband shall become invalid and the entry price shall not be reimbursed.

7. Prohibited items

7.1. The following shall be prohibited on the Festival site

7.1.1. Glass bottles of any type, animals and pets, weapons of any kind (in the technical sense), flares, pyrotechnic items, sparklers, Chinese lanterns, vuvuzelas, megaphones, shirts of right-wing bands, commercial, political or religious items of any type (for example metal bibles), including banners, signs, symbols or flyers and dangerous items of any type.

7.1.2. Without prior consent, still, film or video cameras or other recording equipment whose design, type and size make it obvious that they are not for private use only.

7.2. The following shall also not be permitted on the event site, in particular in the Infield, in all tents, on stages and in the Wacken Plaza & Wacken Center: any form of glass container (including perfume bottles), camel bags, canisters, plastic bottles, PET bottles, drinking horns, cans (including hairspray, deodorants, etc.), CS gas, pepper spray, rivet armbands, rivet neck bands and belts with projecting or sharp rivets or rivets with a length of more than 1.5 cm, chains, flagpoles, sticks, cartridge belts and/or other drink containers, your own food, rigid packaging, cool bags and other heavy containers.

7.3. The Organiser shall be entitled to take prohibited items into temporary safekeeping and to confiscate them.

8. Site rules, rules of conduct, photography and filming

8.1. The site rules will be enforced by the Organiser and its security personnel. The Organiser’s Festival site rules and its parking and campsite rules shall apply on the Festival site. Instructions issued by the Organiser’s personnel must be obeyed. Visitors must not do the following on the Festival site:

8.1.1. Carry prohibited items (No. 7)

8.1.2. Use physical violence against other Visitors, the Organiser’s personnel or other third parties.

8.1.3. Throw items onto the stage or at other Visitors.

8.1.4. Perform the “Wall of Death” or the “Circle Pit”

8.1.5. Urinate or relieve themselves outside the toilets

8.1.6. Paint, spray or deface buildings, walls, objects, etc.

8.1.7. Trade commercially or stage marketing promotions or publicity measures without the Organiser’s prior written consent. Publicity promotions of all types, in other words promoting a product, service, company or brand and the putting up of decorations shall be banned throughout the entire Festival site.

8.1.8. Enter areas and rooms which are not open to Visitors or climb on the stages, tents, traverses or the like.

8.2. Photography for private use with mobile phones will be permitted. The image rights of third parties must be honoured at all times. The production of film or sound recordings of any type and their publication online or offline without the consent of the Organiser shall be prohibited.

8.3. The Organiser may eject Visitors who breach or have breached the rules or guidelines in 6.3, 7, 8.1 and 8.2 above from the Festival site and prevent them returning. If a Visitor commits a crime at the Wacken Open Air Festival (for example drug dealing, assault, theft, sexual assault, etc.) the Visitor shall be ejected from the Festival site without warning and the police shall be informed.

8.4. If one of the above reasons exists and the Organiser ejects the Visitor from the Festival site, the entry ticket or Festival wristband shall become invalid and the entry price shall not be reimbursed. Anybody who wilfully breaches these general terms of business shall be liable to compensate the Organiser for any resultant damage.

9. Cancellation or abandonment of an event, changes to the programme

9.1. If the Wacken Open Air Festival is cancelled, Visitors shall be entitled to the reimbursement of the entry ticket price minus the advanced sale charge.

9.2. The Wacken Open Air Festival shall be held in all weather conditions, but if the weather conditions pose a risk of death, injury or health impairment to the Visitors, artists or personnel, the Wacken Open Air Festival will be abandoned without delay. In this case and in the event that the Wacken Open Air Festival is cancelled due to another force majeure, official orders or a court decision, Visitors shall not be entitled to reimbursement or compensation unless the Organiser can be shown to be guilty of malice or gross negligence.

9.3. A Festival ticket shall entitle the holder to visit a whole series of concerts and other events on the Festival site. In the event of changes to the programme, the cancellation of certain shows and the deletion of certain concerts from the programme, even if they involve so-called headliners, the Visitor shall therefore not be entitled to lodge claims against the Organiser as long as the changes remain within reason and the overall character of the Wacken Open Air Festival is retained. Delays and relocation’s of individual programme points must be accepted by the Visitor. The Organiser shall publicise any changes without delay on

10. Health impairment caused by sound level

The Visitor is aware that a special sound level occurs at the Wacken Open Air Festival, particularly in front of the stage and that this gives rise to the risk of possible health damage, particularly hearing damage. The Organiser shall ensure by means of suitable technical equipment, sound level limits and the selection of individual event sites that the Visitor will not suffer harm due to the sound level of the performances. However, we highly recommend the use of ear plugs, particularly when standing near the speakers, and that you select a position in front of the stages which is commensurate with your individual listening habits.

11. Protection of young people – the provisions of the Law to Protect Young People in Public applies to all events.

11.1. Children and young people aged between 1 and 16 may only access the Festival if accompanied by a person with custody rights or responsible for looking after them. A person responsible for looking after a young person is any person over the age of 18 if they carry out guardian duties permanently or temporarily on the basis of an agreement with the parent or guardian or if they are looking after a child or young person as part of their education or the welfare of children or young people (§ 1 Para. 1 No. 4 of the Law to Protect Young People in Public). Children up to the age of 12 (inclusive) shall be granted free entry to the Festival.

11.2. Young people aged between 16 and 17 inclusive, in other words below the age of 18, shall be confined to the campsite area after midnight. The appropriate restrictions apply to all children and young people.

11.3. People responsible for looking after children or young people must carry written verification and produce a copy of the ID of the parent or guardian on request.

12. Limitation of liability

12.1. The Organiser, its legal representative or agents shall only accept liability in the event of malice or gross negligence.

12.2. The Organiser’s liability for initial impracticality and for the breach of major contract obligations even in the event of simple negligence shall not be affected by the above limitation of liability, but such liability shall be limited to foreseeable damage typical for this type of contract. Claims for compensation due to death, physical injury or health impairment and under the Product Liability Law shall not be affected by the above limitation.

12.3. The Organiser cannot accept liability for lost or damaged property. Visitors park on the marked car parks and campsite at their own risk.

13. Image rights

The Organiser and third parties engaged by it shall be entitled to make image, sound and combined recordings of Visitors without any payment to the recorded persons during the events and to use them or have them used in any way in all established and future media, in particular for reports in all media, including the internet, on sound or sound and image combination storage devices and for publicising the Wacken Open Air Festival, to acquire sponsors and for all the other business purposes of the Organiser and its affiliates. All rights may also be transferred to third parties for the above purposes.

14. Applicable law, miscellaneous

14.1. German law shall be exclusively applicable.

14.2. The Organiser reserves the right to amend these general terms of business at any time.

14.3 There is sufficient space in front of the main stages on the Festival site for all the Visitors to the Wacken Open Air Festival. However, it is obvious that the capacity of all the other stages is limited and the Organiser may refuse access to a secondary stage if it is already filled to capacity. We therefore recommend that you attend the performances promptly. You must obey instructions issued by the security personnel.

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Effects of withdrawal

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  • on returns of sealed items, if you have already unsealed the packaging;
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