Last week saw the 5th Anniversary of the tragic death of a young girl who had the rest of her life to look forward to, a bright university student whose only crime was to follow her love of music.

With every musical genre comes the associated dress code and the subsequent “labelling” by those people who sadly had never enjoyed a passion for music, had never had the ability to let their emotions follow the chord.

In days gone by, the wearing of the musical “uniform” was merely met with disdain by the ignorant. Today a more sinister attitude is apparent, born of significant changes within the culture of our Country, enjoyed particularly by a section of modern youth, seemingly exempted  from the onerous principles of honesty, endeavour, compassion, responsibility or basically overall decency. Today, it would seem, that violence has no consequence, and in fact is much more effective than disdain.

Goth Sophie Lancaster was brutally murdered on August 24th 2007, in trying to protect her boyfriend from a battering by a bunch of youths, purely because of the way she dressed.

In March 2010, Sophie’s mother Sylvia set up a charity to be known as The Sophie Lancaster Foundation, to focus on creating respect for and understanding of subcultures in our communities.

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