Summer Breeze Festival tickets 2013 are available now. As Official UK Festival Travel Partner to the Summer Breeze Festival, Argon Events are able to supplySummer Breeze Festival tickets for 2013 either on their own or as part of travel and camping or accommodation packages. Situated close by the most enchanting medieval town of Dinkelsbühl in Germany, the Summer Breeze Festivalcelebrated it’s fifteenth anniversary in 2012. This Festival is now extremely well established and noted for its superb organisation and excellent site layout with plenty of SPACE as well as, of course, consistently strong and varied line ups each year. Check the site out for yourself below.

Already confirmed for Summer Breeze Festival 2013 are;  

AGNOSTIC FRONT are pioneers of the New York Hardcore scene and true legends. Without them, hardcore and metalcore as we know it would not exist. The achievements of Roger Miret, Vinnie Stigma and company are far too numerous to cram into one short info text. After all, the tough looking New Yorkers have been touring both sides of the Atlantic for an unbelievable 30 years now. Always uncompromising, always with integrity, always a 100%! Get ready for white muscle shirts, sleeve tattoos and loads of two-step action in the pit! In a live situation AGNOSTIC FRONT have never disappointed with their punk and metal influenced classics. Demolition guaranteed!

ALESTORM Fancy some heavy metal, thrash riffs, squeezebox, party and Running Wild style piracy? Then Scotland’s ALESTORM are your band!  ”True Scottish Pirate Metal” is the musical genre they claim to represent. Bad manners, tons of beer and loads of fun! This is exactly whatALESTORM will deliver at their first Summer Breeze Festival appearance, where their party-compatible pirate metal will surely meet a receptive audience and many thirsty throats. Arrrr me ‘arties or is that och aye me ‘arties!

BENEDICTION It’s a Summer Breeze debut for BENEDICTION the Birmingham death metal institution, incredibly 23 years after the release of their debut album ‘Subconscious Terror’.Considering the death metal pioneers long career you have to respect the fact they have never strayed from their chosen path. No trend, no fashion has been able to steer the band away from their original direction, something their loyal fan base is eternally grateful for. Since day oneBENEDICTION‘s brutal death metal has gone hand in hand with various punk and crust influences. And this will hopefully always stay this way. Dirty, raw and simply awesome!

DARK FUNERAL Swedish Black Metal band Dark Funeral are back. At raging speed, deeply evil and denying all light,they will surely be one of the most menacing highlights of Summer Breeze Festival 2013 for their numerous black disciples.

ENSIFERUM Fancy some folk melodies, pagan rhythms and loads of hits? Then you should look forward to ENSIFERUM, the Finnish Folk Metal Band who describe their msic as ”heroic folk metal.”! Heroes from the past, galloping horses, battle noises, lances, bucklers, swords and battle hymns, as well as the boozy celebrations after significant victories, they are all transported into our time and onto the stage by the Finns. Their latest album ‘Unsung Heroes’, made it into the Top 20 of the German charts.

IN FLAMES Formed in 1990, the Swedish
metal band from Gothenburg, have released ten studio albums and one live DVD and as of 2008, In Flames have sold over 2 million records worldwide so be assured It’s going to get really hot in Dinkelsbühl in 2013! as IN FLAMES are coming to lay waste to the Summer Breeze Festival. A massive light show and a gripping performance all go without saying.

KNORKATOR Berliners Knorkator’s music can be largely classified as industrial metal, somewhat akin to White Zombie and Ministry. Knorkator, however, strongly feature a comedic element. Most songs escalate into falsetto vocals and bombastic, over-the-top anthemic choruses, with crushing guitars and subtle samplers.

NEAERA  A melodic death metal band from MünsterGermany, Neaera have pretty much from their formation in 2003 been one of the hottest bands in Germany’s extreme metal scene. Five albums, tons of tours as headliners or supporting the big names, countless glorious festival shows and lots of fire in their hearts, all of this is what characterizes these likeable Münster lads. Death metal fans, black metal fans, extreme metal fans, unite! This band is about to send your neck into retirement. There’s no better way to meld the aggression of death metal, the furiousness of black metal and the power of modern metal.

POWERWOLFGerman/Romanian power metal band created in 2003 by Charles and Matthew Greywolf. The group is notable for having rather dark themes and images, both musically and lyrically, both counteractions to traditional power metal music and including usage of corpse paint, gothic-tinged compositions and songs about Romanian werewolf and vampire legends and dark religious tales, though the latter is done ironically.

SABATON Back for the first time since 2009, Swedish Power Metal Band Sabaton return to theSummer Breeze Festival featuring a new line up that includes founder members, singer Joakim Brodén and bass player Pär Sundströmand and a new album, ‘Carolus Rex’.

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