Eindhoven Metal Meeting Part 1

How many Metal Festivals do you think there are in Germany? Well actually I don’t know exactly, but “loads” would be an adequate description. The Netherlands only ever really had one of note, but it was the biggest, the best, the most well known the Metal World over; it was Dynamo Open Air and it was held every year in Eindhoven. Dynamo is long gone now, but the spirit lingers, maybe grows again in the Eindhoven Metal Meeting.

2012 is the 4th edition of the Eindhoven Metal Meeting. Originally just a one day Event, it’s popularity has meant it has now gone to a full two day gig. Getting on for 40 top class Bands from all over the world, offering a mix of black / death / thrash / doom metal & gore / grindcore are due to perform. The Meeting takes place over the weekend of 14th, 15th December (Friday, Saturday). TheEindhoven Metal Meeting offers the perfect Christmas Metal Party. It is the last weekend before the festive break.

Just like Dynamo, the Eindhoven Metal Meeting was born in a small Eindhoven club. Could it be the new beginning, the pheoenix rising from the ashes?. The organisers don’t profess to have such plans for the Eindhoven Metal Meeting. They just say they love their metal and enjoy putting the gig together. Then again, that’s what the Dynamo organisers said all those years ago!!!

Nevertheless, Eindhoven is the place to be on the last weekend before Christmas. Join Satyricon, My Dying Bride, Dark Tranquility, Deathstars, Sodom, Flotsam & Jetsam, Obituary, Brujeria and many more at the Effenaar Club.

In Eindhoven Metal Meeting Part 2 we look at the famous Dynamo Club, host to the Eindhoven Metal Meeting “After Show Party”. This takes place on Saturday 14th December 2012. We also check out the many delights to enjoy in the surprisingly lively “City of Light”, Eindhoven