Brutal Assault 2013 tickets are now available as part of travel packages organised by Argon Events

Start with a beautiful historical setting, add a shed load of cool Bands, some damned fine acoustics, ridiculously cheap beer, and what do you have??? Brutal Assault 2013 of course!!

After increasing requests to includeBrutal Assault 2013 in our Festival Calendar, Argon Events are delighted to be able to grant that wish. A full range of coach travel packages with or without festival tickets are now available to book online. Coaches depart the UK on Tuesday 6th August, arriving back in Dover early on Monday 12th August.

It appears that the appeal of Brutal Assault 2013 has grown initially as a result of increasing disenchantment with some of the larger festivals that always promised to remain true to their extreme roots and intimate atmospheres, only to develop into more income orientated juggernauts demanding bigger more commercial bands and the associated and increased audiences.

The days where you could sit or even lie down with a beer and watch the Show and be able to recognize who was on stage were fast disappearing and alternatives were actively sought. Brutal Assault 2013 is one of those alternatives. What is more, and particularly relevant in these times of austerity, is that it is eminently more affordable than most alternatives. Brutal Assault 2013, ticks just about every box in the true extreme metal fan’s festival wish list.

Brutal Assault 2013 – The Plus Points

  • Unique Location The festival is held within the walls of an historic army fortress dating back to 1787, built to protect Eastern Bohemia from the traditionally aggressive Prussians. The setting provides an enchanting and unique backdrop to 3 days of metal mayhem.
  • Outstanding Acoustics The sheltering effects of the fortress walls promote excellent sound quality as well as protection from the elements
  • Superb Spacious Viewing Facility Because the Promoters don’t oversell the Festival (tickets are limited to 15,000), comfortable viewing is assured.
    With an excellent natural “Grandstand” in the form of a meadow overlooking the standing area, overcrowding is virtually impossible.
  • Quality Extreme Line Up Brutal Assault 2013 is assured to have a pretty cohesive line up that hasn’t gone appreciatively more mainstream as other festivals have. For those who lean towards the more extreme side of heavy metal/hardcore, there will be a lot to enjoy.
  • Fantastic Value Trip and it’s Cheap When You Get There A coach from London to Download with festival ticket and camping included will cost £247.00. A coach from London to Bloodstock with the same deal will cost £182.00. A coach from London to Eastern Bohemia in the Czech Republic andBrutal Assault 2013, again with ticket and camping will cost just £249.00. Not a lot in it price wise, but the fun starts when you start comparing the cost of food and drink, the cost of “festival” living. UK Festival food and drink prices run at up to three and four times the price you will pay in Bohemia, which over three or four days could cost the festival goer an amazing £100-£150 more.

According to the vibes we’re getting from the Metal forums to date, the Brutal Assault 2013 line up is already beginning to seriously challenge the merits of some of the larger (numerically at least) festivals this summer.

Here are the great acts already confirmed for Brutal Assault 2013.
Aborym, Amorphis, Anthrax, As I Lay Dying, Atari Teenage RiotBehemoth, Benediction,Borknagar, Carpathian Forest, CoffinsCrushing Caspars, Cult Of LunaDownset, Dr Living Dead, Dying FetusEntombed, Fear FactoryHatebreedIhsahn, In Flames, Leprous, Madball,Magrudergrind, Marduk, Meshuggah, Nachtmystium, Obscura, October File, Opeth, Overkill,Rotten Sound, Saturnus, Solefald, Trivium, Vreid, Whitechapel.

Keep up to date with the latest list of confirmed acts for Brutal Assault 2013 either on our website at Argon Events or go to the official Brutal Assault 2013 website. Festival tickets may be purchased as part of coach travel packages with either camping or hotel accommodation from more than 70 UK departure towns. For people who already have their Brutal Assault 2013 tickets but haven’t made arrangements to travel, all our travel and hotel packages are available to book without having to purchase festival tickets. To check out all the available packages go to the Argon Events website.